GS Studios are a GB based company, headquartered in Milton Keynes, Bucks.

image We aim to provide professional services in the following fields of activity: web hosting, web design, domain registration, interactive internet, mobile communications, finance, cctv and quality customer support at affordable prices.

To supply all our services at prices every one can afford, giving new businesses and private individuals the chance to utilize todays technology.

Our ready solutions enable small and medium-sized enterprises to gain money from their web sites and respective online activities, along with private individuals who can utilize services normally priced for large companies at realistic prices. An online presence in the ever expanding global network allows companies and individuals alike to take advantage of the World Wide Web.

The rivalry between the companies engaged in e-business, especially those in the web hosting industry, raised the stakes so high that the choice of an appropriate data center has come to be a crucial factor in the provision of a quality hosting service. As a valued client of GS Studios you will enjoy all the benefits of our state-of-the-art data centers located in Fremont, California (Take a tour of the centre) & Maidenhead (Take a tour of the centre).

Beside the well-chosen Data Centers, we have achieved another good balance: new and fast servers, which work in perfect synchronicity with our web hosting software: Hardware Details.

Daily back-up is available to ensure that the hosted data stays safe.

You want something different
GS Studios, like our policy for web sites are constantly striving to improve, so even if you do not see what your after ask and we will consider it.

imageGS Studios supply
GS Studios supply, maintain and host web sites and online systems for new businesses, one man bands, private individuals and worthy causes at a realistic price of just 350 one off website construction fee and 300 a year for hosting, maintenance, support and advice. We have a limited number of free sites for charities, support sites and local groups etc. ( these are wholly at the discretion of GS Studios management ).

Your Site.
Why have a stagnant web site that never changes important information that is relevant now needs to be on your site today not next week, your company, business or cause is constantly in flux and so should your web site be. Post on the support forums or email support the required content and we will have your new page online in under 24 hrs. ( subject to our fair use policy and terms as agreed at commencement ).

Your Site.
Are you able to design and maintain your own site, have someone to do it for you or just want to have a go your self we can host your site for as little as 6 pm but you still get our full support.

Your Site.
Nothing in this world is free. What we should say really is at no cost to you as GS Studios put our logo on all free sites and some where there will be a link to our main site. It all depends on how much it costs us to produce and upkeep your site as to how blatant our advertising is. (to be agreed at commencement)


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Please note our phones are manned from 10.00 to 16.00 GMT Monday to Friday in the UK.

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